A new start

 Long time away Christi and I started a blog long ago in hopes of maintaining a virtual journal while in Germany, which covered the years of 2007-2011.  A great side to blogging has presented an avenue of virtual interaction and, I believe, a benefit to the reader of our posts... intentionality ! Sadly, our diligence faltered and only a few posts made it to see the publish page. Our goal is to maintain a consistency in this digital ecosystem and look forward to sharing our time in Korea with you here.  There is a compulsion to trace our time back to the beginning of the year of 2020 or even back to 2019 to bring more context to our future posts.  Should be fun, and looking forward to the journey together.  

Dental Floss

At Lilah's school they had a dental hygienist come in to look at the children's teeth. They all got free dental floss, tooth brush and toothpaste. Lilah was so excited about her dental floss. She carried it around everywhere. Only if we adults had the same attitude towards dental floss!  

Aubrey Hair Cut

On Saturday Aubrey got maple syrup in her hair. Well to save the trouble of lots of tears and screaming, I decided to cut her hair. Here it is!